Good Product Micro Current Shaping Instrument Body Electrotherapy Instrument Dredge Meridian Instrument Sub-Health Instrument


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SKU: 1005001595007097
  • Brand Name: YUKUI
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: electric
  • Size: 23*38*48cm
  • Model Number: 502
  • Power Source: US
  • Power Source: EU
  • Power Source: UK
  • Power Source: AU
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Function: Vibration Massage
  • Standard Voltage: 110V
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Standard Voltage: 240V
  • Standard Voltage: 100V
  • Standard Voltage: 110V(不含)-220V(不含)
  • Weight: 8kg


2020 New Arrival ! ! ! 
Good Product Micro Current Shaping Instrument Body Electrotherapy Instrument Dredge Meridian Instrument Sub-health Instrument
Product introduction:
        1. Using the principle of micro-current, it can effectively target body parts to produce aerobic exercise.
        2. It has lymphatic drainage, loses weight, and enhances the excretion function of the skin.
        3. This instrument is durable and uses self-adhesive sheets.
        4. The operation is simple and convenient, and it can be used evenly in beauty salons and families.
        1. Thermal energy dissolving fat, ultra-micro electric current firming;
        2. Detoxify and slim down, promote blood circulation;
        3. Shape your body and speed up your metabolism;
        4. Partially trim and eliminate obesity.
        5. Low frequency two-way biological wave vibration grease,
        6. The size of the patch is for different parts to lose weight
        7. It can be used for two people's whole body or ten people's partial slimming body at the same time
        8. Far infrared physiotherapy (such as menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
The principle of patch weight loss instrument:
     Use biological waves to stimulate muscle tissue to produce contraction or stimulate acupoints, open meridians, unblock congested and rigid tissues in the body, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. There are acupuncture points on the fourteen meridians where blood and qi flow throughout the body. The right qi and blood can circulate in the meridians properly, and there will be no "passing too late" phenomenon. Therefore, using biological waves to give appropriate stimulation to the acupoints will not cause metabolic delay. It can also adjust the viscera function. Use biological waves to stimulate muscles to produce ribbon-shaped fat, which strengthens the body's loose and plump muscles.
    1. Targeted weight loss: waist, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks fat, where to reduce obesity, how much should be reduced.
    2. Bodybuilding and health preservation: The combination therapy of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern technology enables you to lose weight easily while mediating the body's qi and blood, and has unique physiotherapy effects.
    3. Beauty effect: it can effectively lose weight and restore and maintain the original elasticity of the skin.
    4. Non-toxic and no side effects: The scientific method of health will make you vigorous and energetic after losing weight. It also assists in the treatment of related diseases caused by obesity, and has a good effect on acne, chloasma, gynecological diseases, arthritis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.


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